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Sleuth Comics #1

A macabre menace stalks disco crime boss Marco Caine, and only the caped and cowled crimebuster known as the Black Owl can save him from “The Scream of the Silent Skull!”

Christopher Mills, Don Secrease, Rick Burchett, Matt Webb

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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The nocturnal nemesis of crime known as the Black Owl protects his city of Knightsbridge from evil in all its forms! Like the city itself, the Black Owl never sleeps!

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1 review for Sleuth Comics #1

  1. Fabrizio Pelizza (verified owner)

    Mills hit the jackpot again! Take a forgotten superhero like the golden age Black Owl and make him interesting and readable. Put the best of the Seventies Batman and create a legacy that start during WWII and live in the years of Disco music. This comic is so accurate in all its parts, solid characters and more solid background. This is a Black Owl comic but is also a lesson for all the current Batman writers. The art is soo perfect for this kind of stories. The work by Don Secrease takes new level thanks to the incredible hand of one of the best artists ever seen, Rich Burchett. This man can drew anything in any style from cartoony to realistic trought every kind of comics. Nice ideas are in all the story… the bullet stuck in the brain is one of them. The Atomic pulp comics continue to amaze and amuse the readers.

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