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Space Crusaders #1B

A strange, alien sphere is on a collision course with Earth, and only Rex Dexter of Mars and his companion Cynde can stop it!

Christopher Mills, Peter Grau, Matt Webb

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

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Golden Age space heroes return in an all-new, “Bronze Age”-styled adventure!

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4 reviews for Space Crusaders #1B

  1. bthom1 (verified owner)

    I just finished the first issue of SPACE CRUSADERS featuring an all-new adventure of Rex Dexter of Mars and was blown away!
    This is easily one of the best comics of 2019!
    Outer space adventure, menacing robots, a valiant hero, a beautiful sidekick, atomic explosions, and dinosaurs for good measures.
    The script by Christopher Mills was sharp and exciting with touches of humor.
    The art by Peter Grau was detailed, crisp, and absolutely beautiful to look at.
    Very reminiscent of some of the finest work by Jerry Ordway.
    The best part is that the Rex Dexter story is complete in this issue, not an installment of a 6 part epic.
    I strongly recommend this comic to anyone with a desire for great storytelling like the comics of their youth.
    The Lance Lewis backup story by Christopher Mills and Nik Poliwko was enjoyable as well.
    The only downside of this comic is that their will not be another issue next month!
    Long live Atomic Pulp Comics!

  2. Tim Fuller (verified owner)

    The first issue of Space Crusaders is something to cheer about. Author, Christopher Mills has big plans for an ongoing series of comics that take Golden Age characters and reboot them in the Bronze Age. And the results are excellent! This issue features “Rex Dexter of Mars” by Mr. Mills with art by Peter Grau and colors by Matt Webb, plus a backup feature of “Lance Lewis, Space Detective” with art by Nik Poliwko. The stories are great fun to read, you know, the way comics used to be. The art, typography, ads, and letter column complete the illusion that you are reading an undiscovered classic from the late seventies. I can’t recommend this enough. Now I’m waiting impatiently for issue 2 which will feature Basil Wolverton’s character, Spacehawk.

  3. BobbyNash (verified owner)

    I picked up the first in the series of Christopher Mills’ new Atomic Pulp comics, Space Crusaders #1 featuring Rex Dexter of Mars. There is definitely a feeling of nostalgia permeating these books, which is not a bad thing. You know exactly what you’re getting from the cover, something many modern comics fail to provide. Mills, along with artists Peter Grau and Nik Poliwko, along with colorist Matt Webb bring us an action-packed space opera adventure that is fun to read and leaves you wanting to see these characters again. I know, from following his social media posts about creating the Atomic Pulp line that this is a labor of love for Mills and his artists and it shines through the pages. If you like a good space adventure story, you’ll probably dig this story. There are 3 different covers to choose from. I picked Cover B. A Highly Recommended Read.


  4. Lloyd Smith (verified owner)

    As someone who is devoted to the comics of the 1970s (aka, The Groovy Age, of course), I have been looking forward to Christopher Mills’ Atomic Action line of comics with great anticipation. The previews and teases Mills ran on his site and Facebook pages are as close as it gets to feeling like I’m back in time, enjoying my F.O.O.M. membership and the secrets it revealed. Now that I’ve finished reading, no, savoring Mills’ first new release, Space Crusaders and I can truthfully say I’ve been to Ground Zero and it is amazing! Not only does Mills give us a pair of action-packed, puzzle-plotted stories that read and feel like they came straight outta 1975 (the DC side–which the trade dress of the Atomic Action line perfectly homages), but he’s partnered with artists who definitely have a flair for Bronze Age sci-fi art (Peter Grau on the Rex Dexter lead and Nik Poliwko on the Lance Lewis back-up). Mills’ lettering and Matt Webb’s colors give the package a professional, extremely eye-pleasing finish that, given the slick paper the comic (by necessity) is printed on, reminded me (very favorably) of Marvel’s The Hulk! color mag. But wait, there’s more! Mills’ vision goes beyond just nailing the Bronze Age with every aspect of the story and art, but we get a letters page (two pages worth!), a “Bullpen Bulletins” style page, and house ads that also completely capture the 70s style of fun comicbook hype. Only bad thing is, the ads (and online teases) work only too well. I want more Atomic Action, and I want it now!

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