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Switch Runners #1

Mark Rudolph & Jerzy Drozd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

After crash-landing on an alien world, a group of explorers discover an amazing energy source that grants their machines the ability to switch from high-speed reconnaissance vehicles to fantastic battle modes! But the brutal Tritannus and his interplanetary band of outlaws will stop at nothing to claim the Ovidian Energy for themselves! It’s a fight to the finish, with the fate of the galaxy as the ultimate prize! These are the adventures of–SWITCH RUNNERS! Tritannus and his warriors hatch a new plot to take control of the Ovidian Energy in the Switch Runners’ base. Evil Enforcer Crass Reptilicus and his partner, the lizard lady wrestler Shila, along with living furnace Cyndrl, draw the heroes out to fight. When Tritannus reaches his full power, things look bad for our heroes. But that’s only half of Tritannus’ malicious plot–meanwhile, silicon-based mad scientist Tackle and the alluring Terzo are sneaking into the Switch Runners’ base to finalize our heroes’ defeat!



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