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SPIs Among Us Classified Files Handbook #1

Super-Powered Individuals, aka SPIs, have existed among us throughout history. Believed myth until the age of mass media, one of their own, Dr. Anonymous, began to use a mysterious, unknown power to maintain their secrecy. When he disappears, it leaves them exposed to the public, and the world erupts in chaos. With various factions in conflict and lives in peril, finding Dr. Anonymous may be the only solution. And it may be impossible.

Alin Silverwood, Taylor Esposito, Various

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

This Classified Files Handbook introduces you to several SPIs, delving into their backgrounds and providing a deeper look into their secret histories. Each page features an original drawing of the SPI or SPIs by artists such as Sid Teles, Craig Shepard, Sucipto Rudi, Arnaldo Junior, and more. Get to know more about these mysterious beings, and pick up some nice art, too!

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