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SPIs Among Us #2

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After one of their own is murdered, Wild Swan returns with a warning to the hidden town of Carbuncle, where SPIs who cannot pass for normal humans live in sanctuary. The Court of Justice apprehends two villainous SPIs, and General Justice realizes how SPIs are viewed by normal humans. Some of The Investigators aid two SPIs, The Point and The Pendulum. And Black Ghost, Blinker, and Dr. Nelson return from their incredible trip, whereupon Fabricator bestows Black Ghost with a gift.

Alin Silverwood, Ali Reeve, Deivid Deon, Quepler Pirchiner, Lahkem Amiyr, Sid Teles, Raymund Lee

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Their existence hidden for centuries, Super-Powered Individuals (SPIs) have always lived among us. Dr. Anonymous kept them secret in recent years — until he mysteriously disappears. Now exposed to the public, SPIs find themselves embroiled in outrage, intrigue, and danger from all sides. A special group sets out to find the missing Dr. Anonymous, hoping to restore their anonymity before they meet a worse fate.

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