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Steel Wolf #0

The grandson of the former soviet union’s greatest war-time hero, Alexi Krylenkov was transformed by Russian super-science to become the greatest hero of his nation! Following his time among the heroes of other countries, he left his home to become more than the hero of a single nation. he became a champion of the world!

Eric N. Bennett, Steven Butler, Carlo C. Garde, Lee Gaston, Andrew W. Rowland, Mitch Ballard, Clint Hilinski, Jos Fouts, Gilbert Monsanto, Alex Garcia, Ron Frenz, Will Mangin, Eryck Webb, Kent Clark, Phil Cho, Jake Isenberg, Tristan MacDonald

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Presented in print for the first time, this issue collects some of the various short story pages featuring ANGRY BEAR PRESS’ flagship character STEEL WOLF! Featuring art from a veritable armada of the best artists in both the Independent comics community as well as longtime Industry professionals, get a glimpse at STEEL WOLF, the world he occupies, and the many heroes he’s encountered over the years.


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3 reviews for Steel Wolf #0

  1. Roy Johnson (verified owner)

    Fun stuff showing some bits and pieces from Steel Wolf’s career.

    Steel Wolf started life as an RPG character and the costume design rules.

  2. REZcat (verified owner)

    Really shows the growth this character has achieved over the past few years. This release serves as a fun introduction to the character.

  3. galacticlegion1970 (verified owner)

    Awesome comic! I can’t wait to see more of Russia’s favorite hero…STEEL WOLF!!!

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