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Who’s Who In The Steel Wolf Universe #2

The second in the series of handbooks featuring characters that occupy the world of Angry Bear Press’ flagship hero Steel Wolf!

Eric N. Bennett, Trent Maduro, Leo Gondim, Tristan MacDonald, Jake Isenberg, Mark Kauffman, Gilbert Monsanto, Joe Anthony Berrios, Cody Conyers, Chayne Avery, Russell Garcia, Tavis Cardenas, Luis Rivera, Andrew Rowland, Will Mangin, Mitch Ballard

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

The grandson of the former Soviet Union’s greatest war-time hero, Alexei Krylenkov was transformed by Russian super-science to become the greatest hero of his nation! Following his time among the heroes of other countries, he left his home to become more than the hero of a single nation…he became a champion of the world!

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