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Tall Tales From The Badlands #3

Sean Fahey, Mark Wheaton, Robert Napton, Matt Dembicki, Jerry DeCaire, John Fortune, Franco Cespedes, Ezequiel Rosingana, Ruben Rojas, Mauro Reifschneider, Crash Landen, Adrian Gonzalez and Borja “Borch” Pena

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 52

“The Judgement of the People,” . Judge Buell has made a career out of cruelly distorting the letter of the law to secure his own bloodstained legacy; but in the hereafter, the scales of justice have a way of tipping in favor of the wrongly accused. “Apologies,” written by Sean Fahey, art by John Fortune. No parent can stand idly by while their children suffer, and after being trapped in the remote Colorado wilderness with his family for weeks without a crust of food, Robert Mannon is prepared to do what it takes to see his children”s suffering end, even if his wife is not. “Rustlers,” written by Robert Napton, art by Franco Cespedes. Rumors of a priceless cargo aboard a mystery train draw the attention of a gang of ambitious stick-up men looking to cash in on an “easy score.” The owner of the cargo has other ideas though…as does the cargo. “All Mine,” written by Matt Dembicki, art by Ezequiel Rosingana. There are few afflictions that will consume a man faster than “Gold Fever;” it turns good men bad, and bad men worse. But even a mountain of gold only has value if you”re alive to spend it. “Where the Heart Is,” written by Sean Fahey, art by Ruben Rojas. Colorado. 1872. After making countless sacrifices and suffering endless hardships to make the trip West, two families of settlers are about to realize that “home” isn”t a place, it”s a state of mind.

Volume 3. A Western anthology published by Black Jack Press and edited by Sean Fahey, featuring some of the most exciting emerging talent in comics.

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