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Sunnyville Stories Vol. 3

Max West

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 206

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Max West’s riveting storytelling and charming artwork keeps getting better and better as more of the Sunnyville universe continues to be unveiled to eager fans everywhere. More enticing characters are introduced in this volume – among them, a wandering rock band and Sam’s cousins from the seaside resort town of Solton. Plus, Rusty’s mother explodes when her son fails a test and Goro Tanuki, Sunnyville’s top chef, fears his upstart nephew will replace him.

Sunnyville is a small, remote village surrounded by vast wilderness. Inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, they go about their daily business dressed in traditional clothing; males wear suits and farm clothes while females wear skirts and dresses. Robert “Rusty” Duncan moves here and meets sweet country girl Samantha “Sam” Macgregor. Rusty and Sam have many adventures in their daily lives in the village of Sunnyville.

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