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Tails Of The Stripped #1

John Corbis. Piotr Czaplarski. Old Goat. Lon Ryden. Francisco Trebuxet. Vladen13. Molly Whipple.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Like the costumes of the heroines themselves no comic could hope to contain these wild tails. This first collection of Tails of the Stripped has five short comic stories and a cartoon jam packed in its 32 pages and spilling onto the inside covers. Ninja schoolgirl Kei shows and tells a little too much to her class at the Sidekick Academy! Thief Lucky Lucy attempts a heist and ends up exposing corruption at a men-only club! Villainess Leopard Mistress decides to off heroic rival AmeriCat but her villainous plans don’t quite go as expected! A fifty-foot tall big-ass babe goes on vacation and ends up battling giant monsters! And finally Chickfighter probes the activities of some little green aliens, but who will end up probing who? This comic promises to deliver the goods. So if you like costume malfunction along with your peril scenarios this is the book for you! Tails of the Stripped is a collection of short comic stories representative of the sorts of programs one might expect to appear on Danger Doll Satellite TV. These campy adventures frequently involve situations dangerous not only to the heroines’ life and limb but to their costumes as well! This comic is packed with heart, hope, humor… it’s just good modestly adult fun!

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