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Tails Of The Stripped #5

Tails of the Stripped is a collection of short comic stories representative of the sorts of programs one might expect to appear on Danger Doll Satellite TV and star Molly Whipple.

Peter Czaplarski, Old Goat, Doc Maddox, Lon Ryden, Curt Sibling, Molly Whipple

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

This alien attack-abduction-themed issue of Tails features several diverse but accomplished styles! First in “PowerDoll and the Snalien Menace” our heroine discovers the alien menace may not be entirely what it appears to be. Next Chickfighter and Masked Americana face the Stardust Dolls in a “SHOCK and AWE” wrestling match of galactic import. Then in “Froglodytes From Frisco” we meet the last bubblegumshoe detective in San Francisco. Lastly the aliens seem to think that Molly is “Beyond Help.” This comic delivers more of the rip-roaring non-PC good times you have come to expect from Danger Doll Comics.

These campy adventures frequently involve situations dangerous not only to the heroines’ life and limb but to their costumes as well! This comic is packed with heart, hope, humor… it’s just good modestly immodest fun!

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