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The Spirit Of Route 66 #1

Inheriting a 1966 Thunderbird from his father, Lee Travers discovers, while tracing a childhood trip on Route 66, that the car has a mind of its own and the ability to bend space and time…

Rob Davis, Jeff Limke, Ron Fortier

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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“The Beginning” by Rob Davis: Lee first discovers that something is weird about his trip down Rt. 66 when he learns that he has traveled back in time to witness a tragic event. “Reunion” written by Jeff Limke and drawn by Rob Davis: Traveling the Mother Road Lee encounters a young hitchhiker who is not quite what he seems. “Little Doc and Wishbone Charlie” written by Ron Fortier and drawn by Rob Davis: Driving along the Mother Road in the 1960s a recently graduated medical student encounters a good Samaritan trucker named “Wishbone” Charlie.

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