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Tainted #1

After losing one of their own, a group of genetically tainted friends with superpowers investigate the kidnapping of a genetics scientist and his Genetic Altering Device (GAD). Along the way, they get entangled in a personal vendetta when one of them falls for Page Black, who has been marked for death by Damien and his criminal gang.

Freddy Boutros

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 170

Combining the heightened drama of primetime soaps with superhero action, Tainted was originally conceived as a one-hour television drama about a group of genetically tainted friends, living in the same apartment building and using their superpowers to protect the city from tainted villains. Dealing with everything from relationships, trauma, mental illness, and addiction to superpowered battles, these friends have no high-tech jet, no costumes, and no supercomputer. This isn’t aliens. This isn’t evolution. This is Tainted.

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