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Tales of Marga Vol. 1

Thor Thorvaldson, Jr.

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 168

In this, the first trade paperback collection of Tales of Marga, meet Xiomara (“Mara” for short) as she joins the Warriors and goes on her first adventures with them. This collection contains “Inventory Mistress Xiomara” – the first complete storyline, several short stories, the first half of the second major storyline “The Toy Surprise”, as well as pinups, sketches and covers. “Tales of Marga” is currently being published in “Furrlough”, one of the longest currently running anthologies in the comic industry, published by Radio Comix. Looking to escape a painful past, 21-year-old Xiomara Szlenski decides to relocate and begin her life anew. Little does she know that the new job she gets as the Inventory Master of The Warriors, Marga Island’;s team of protectors, will bring her problems right to her doorstep!


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