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Tales Of The Team #1

Mike Luoma, Ben Ferrari, Jeff Graham, Tim Tilley, Rhys ap Gwyn, Juan Carlos Quattordio, Ken Lateer

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

From the world of GOOD SAMARITAN, RED HOT… and THE TEAM! Flash back to earlier ages of heroes, 70s styles, Nazis… As RED HOT recuperates from a recent battle, his father – RED HOT SR. – tells him (and us) a tale of THE TEAM and a leadership crisis in the late 1970s. Then, in the back-up, discover how MISS AMAZA got her start during World War II! An occasional series exploring the larger world of the super-powered heroes who make up THE TEAM – new members like TRANSPARA and RED HOT, or old guard such as MIND MAN, MISS AMAZA, GOOD SAMARITAN, PATRIETTE, MISTER VELOCITY and NRG. Featuring done-in-one stories and back-up features from various points in THE TEAM’s long career – dating back to its founding by MIND MAN during World War II!

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