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The Adventures Of Alibi Jones #3

Once a mediator for The Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force (SAIF) negotiating agreements between humankind and alien races, Alibi Jones now helps run The Hornet’s Nest, a former SAIF base turned refuge from the corrupt Solar Alliance government. He’s joined there by his Aunt Anita Capituna, a former leader of the Solar Alliance out of favor with the current rulers, and a few others now carving out their own way of life on this mostly independent former base. And more people are arriving all the time.

Mike Luoma, Cristian Navarro, Juan Carlos Quattordio

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Featuring “Alibi Jones: Christmas Present” – Alibi Jones accidentally travels back in time to when his father BC was a young hitman for the Vatican on an early mission… Will Alibi screw up BC’s current assassination assignment? Will BC kill him instead? Can Alibi Jones survive and get back to his own time? In time for Christmas? And how about that Christmas Tree his Aunt Anita asked for? A time-traveling tale with holiday overtones, with appearances from Alibi’s closest family and old family friend Krish! As for the title? A Present can be a gift. One can be Present. And live in the Present. The story explores all these permutations… presently.

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