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The Art Of War For Arcadia


Magazine Sized Trade
Full Color
Page Count: 224

A showcase of 30 highly talented artists from all over the world, THE ART OF WAR FOR ARCADIA is a collection of works created between 2007 and 2011 by members of the unique Original Character Tournament “War For Arcadia”. This book contains supplementary artworks created for the comic battles: illustrations, concept art and sketches of characters, locations and technology as well as themed art jams, tutorials and detailed descriptions of featured characters and locations.

Monsters and heroes, innocents and criminals, mages, demons, clones and mere humans – they all fight the War for Arcadia. The country of Arcadia has seen three wars in 4 years of comic battles – Under the dictatorship of the insane but charismatic Celestial, during the uprising of the mysterious and evil Rannesanque, and lately, during the attack by their neighbouring nation Levidia. In these wars, more than 260 characters have fought in more than 300 fights – and the number is still increasing.

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