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The Boston Bombers V2 #1

Imagine an alternate earth where battles are flight in the air by dirigibles; where Jesus was a female and the Jews accepted her as the Messiah; where the Roman Empire has survived into the current day; where World War Two never happened and the League of Nations grew into a world power. 

Ron Fortier, Rob Davis

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

On an alternate earth, Rome South Africa is divided into two factions; the conservatives, under Emperor Tiberius Kumana, who are against a war with the League of Nations and those desiring such a conflict. Frustrated by his peaceful direction, a coup is assembled under Senator Rufus Iturius who then plots the deaths of both Kumana and his only child, Princess Augusta. Upon the murder of the Emperor, Augusta escapes with the help of a Catholic spy posing as her bodyguard. Thus she remains a threat to Iturius’ plans and unless she can be found and executed, his grandiose plans of war will collapse.


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