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The Caped Costumers Costumed Capers #1

After a terrible explosion traps young Lily, Chloe, Sara, Andrew, and Brett deep within the lower levels of a museum, they soon embark on a journey that will forever change their lives! Given fantastic powers from an uncanny, otherworldly source, the children are reborn as Ice Tween, Hotfoot, Bananapants, Kid Superflex and The Rainbow Bat! Now, they are the only force in the world that can stop the evil MadMaskMan and The Hooded Hood from world domination!

Byron Dane Turner

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

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After a school field trip goes horribly wrong, five students find their lives forever changed with new fantastic powers! Now, they must learn to navigate their everyday lives and protect the world around them from evil forces that seek to conquer it!


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