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The Great Detective #2

A husband mysteriously dead. A grieving wife looking for answers. A police force with no leads. This looks like a job for The Great Detective! Just don’t call him that. He hates that nickname.

Dennis Ramirez, Cleofas Sacristan, Luca Bulgheroni

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Marcus Matthews, a famed inventor turned private eye, his robotic companion, Eve, and reluctant SFPD Detective Jessica Johns journey the streets of near-future San Francisco. Their path will take them from lowly dive bars to the highest offices of corporate power as they attempt to solve a case of murder most foul. A case some would prefer stay buried. Marcus is paid a visit by thugs who take exception to his investigation into the death of Jerome Hughes. Jessica searches for clues. And a mysterious killer continues stalking the unsuspecting denizens of the city. And what is the unearthly horror that roams the back alleys of the city? How is it connected? And what does it have in store for Marcus and his companions?

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