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The Domme #3

Valerie DeVille identifies as the Dark Dominatrix. Is the Second Skin fashion designer of those who sit above in shadow nothing more than a human trafficker or might she really be the goddess she claims to be? “Vicious” Valerie knows exactly who she is and that means dominating anyone foolish enough to stand in her way!

Piotr Czaplarski, Andy LaRoy, Molly Whipple

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

She’s dark. She’s dominant. At least she was before Lucky Lucy fed her to the shoggoth. Can “Vicious” Valerie DeVille, the Dark Dominatrix, survive to seek vengeance on the world? “Her Truth” is the story of an indomitable human spirit versus the eternal apathy of the Netherverse. Come with Valerie as she meets the unholy trinity – Anarchy, Grimbeast and the Sacred Snake. Will Valerie return as an even darker dominatrix or will her narrative come to that ultimate conclusion of all true stories.

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