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The Domme #1

In Danger Dolls #6 the Domme got her hands on Chickfighter, Kunoichi Kei, U.S. Angel and Blue Belle. Will the Danger Dolls’ nemesis complete her Doll collection or will Masked Americana thwart her devious plans? The action is brutally unrelenting as we follow a day in the life of The Domme, now with her own private comic, very few pages of which can be viewed by the general public!

Valerie DeVille is a renowned fashion designer with her own line of fetish-wear called “Second Skin.” Dark Dominatrix demonstrates inhuman speed, strength and resistance to injury and is rumored to take control of the very souls of the unlucky heroines she enslaves. The source of Valerie”s abilities is unknown but it is suspected that the dark forces behind the voodoo religion that she practices have granted her favor in exchange for enslaving superheroines.

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