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The Evangelite The Trials Of Jezebelle #1

Brother Dominic and Sister Hubris travel to the Outpost of Kadesh, seeking the help of an excommunicated nun, to guide them through Perdition, and locate a sacred prize. Sister Helena Hanbasquette is given the power to regain her status but is kept in the dark about this mission. Also Jezebelle the Evangelite begins her journey in the wastelands.

Preston Skylar Owens

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

In a world ravaged by the greed of corporations, the United Churches colonized both East and West creating Mega Coastal cities, leaving between them a barren, heathenous wasteland, full of mutants and outcasts. Among the denizens is a small race known as the Evangelite, who defend the weak and defenseless. A young girl named Jezebelle wanders the wasteland seeking the truth of her purpose.

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