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The Family Orbitz #2

So-lar hatches a plan to get his parents to go to an amusement park planet only to get a crystal for his plans to take over the world. 

Charles Davenport

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24


The family consists of Oort (Father) a constantly frustrated alien with a sense of honor and delusion of being an admiral of his planet’s star fleet. AurOra (Mother) A calm, level-headed, and loving mother. A voice of reason and the keeper of peace in this family, Ion (First Son) a good-natured kid and an easy go-lucky kid who loves everything fuzzy and cute and then there is So-lar (Second Son) a determined genius who wants to take over the world with his pet fish. They have four pets (two cats) Saros, Chaos, (Spiders) good Speyedr, and a bad speyedr.

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