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The Homo Heroes #3

Pride and Liberty seek out help from Black Magic, a former teammate, to help defeat Reverend Righteous, but things take a dramatic turn and the two heroes actually uncover clues to their mysterious pasts. Reverend Righteous puts his heinous plan against The Homo Heroes in action.

Todd Anthony Nunes

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

In a world where superheroes vie for sponsors, news coverage, and public adoration, nowhere is the competition more fierce than crime-ridden, glamour-driven Starlight City. The Homo Heroes are the newest group to join the prestigious World Police Force of Super Teams. Pride, Liberty Lez, and Drag-O-Licious (The Daredevil Drag Queen) are some of the underdog heroes in pursuit of justice and stardom. The only thing standing in their way is the homophobic billionaire and televangelist Reverend Righteous who is hell-bent on destroying them all. The stakes are at an all-time high as The Homo Heroes not only battle discrimination but also dangerous villains intent on altering the world as we know it.



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