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Speed Demonz Night

Gabe Lamberty, Jay Moyano

Standard Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 136

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Men and women from all walks of life gather with their cars and weapons in these deadliest of races hosted by members of the criminal underworld.The prize? One million dollars cash!A prize seemingly worthy of risking imminent danger for these racers. That is, if they manage to survive. However, there are those who race without the desire for profit. For Shawn Harris and Renee Castillo, they race against the Speed Demonz for something else money cannot buy…

During the day, the city is a majestic place bursting with commerce and productivity. But when the sun sets beneath the horizon…the streets become a veritable warzone! Enter the Speed Demonz: an underground street racing syndicate painting the city streets with death and chaos.

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