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Unethical #1

Matt Kemball

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

When a dangerous criminal named Tsuyo steals an experimental product from a huge cooperation. Dingo and Helms are hired to chase him down and take him out. However a simple hunt turns into a flashback for dingo as he discovers Tsuyo is a man from his military past. Could this get in the way of the mission? Now in a town surrounded by drugs and guns. Helms and Dingo have only one goal: Do the job and get out alive. Dingo is addicted to drugs, Helms like yelling at him. The two of them however are mercenaries. Living from one job to the next, no matter what the job is. Life is simple until the pair are joined by a bounty hunter with a troubled past, a prince living in the shadow of his older siblings and a thief who is just in it for the fun. This leads the crew into a series of odd and somewhat emotionally driven adventures, with an ever constant trail of bodies left in their wake.

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