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The Maroon #13

Cursed to be the destroyer of man by the Stikini – a coven of witches – a maroon known as Isaiah wants nothing but solace as he traverses the challenging racial climate of 1850’s U.S.! But his quest for peace and struggle to maintain a moral standing is plagued by ruthless lawmen, vile bounty hunters, and savage supernatural beings! Will these challenges make him a hero or villain?

Derek W. Lipscomb

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

When a series of murders, assaults and abductions seize Buncombe County in fear, the town’s best huntsmen turn to a timid fur trapper/taxidermist to survey the nearby snowy mountain to deduce who or what’s responsible. But his journey is more than he bargained for when he is faced with a shadowy menace and a broken leg. Now, he must get himself home with the help of a potential threat before more victims come up the mountain to search for his whereabouts.

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1 review for The Maroon #13

  1. SpencerSHolmes (verified owner)

    Mountain Monster!

    Something evil is lurking up in the snow covered mountains. Preying on the woman and children of a small village. One lone trapper decides to brave the danger all on his own, finding there’s more to this mountain mystery than just a demon.

    This next chapter into The Maroon is a great horror ride and the snow covered setting is perfect for a winter viewing. If this is your first dip into The Maroon, I always like to describe it as Conan The Barbarian meets Django Unchained. And what a great start issue 13 is for the grand beginning of the Volume 3 saga. Yeah buddy!!!

    Spencer Scott Holmes
    That “Pizza Boyz Comic,” Indie Comix Club and Old Man Orange Podcast guy.

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