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The Real American Zeroes #0


Colin Kennedy, Alan Peters

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Retardo, Skidmark, V.D. and “Dick” inadvertently join offensive forces to create a highly politically-incorrect team of semi-superheroes (The Real American Zeroes) in order to vanquish Diabetty, their notorious welfare queen neighbor, in this origin story for the ages. Led by the world's first retarded superhero, a team of social rejects (Retardo, Skidmark, V.D. and “Dick”) manage to solve all of the planet's major problems like welfare fraud, corporate greed, political corruption and The Special Olympics Committee using superhuman strength, poor personal hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, verbal insults and good old-fashioned physical violence. Throughout each of their highly politically incorrect crusades, The Real American Zeroes (think South Park meets Kick-Ass meets the infamously fucked-up and non-filtered mind of today's top evil advertising industry copywriter) ironically demonstrate how much smarter they all actually are compared to everyone else in this completely retarded country of ours.

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