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The Sorrow #1

J.S. Earls, Tony Mast, Drew Collins, Tom Waltz, Stu.Art, Joel Robinson, Pablo Lizalde, Casey Maloney, Chris Lynch, William Densmore, Brian Germain

Standard Comic
40 pages
Black & White

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“The Sorrow” Antology is a poignant look into the world of abused children everywhere. It’s aim is to help raise child awareness and help wipe out child neglect and abuse. Proceeds from “The Sorrow” will go to help benefit and the collection of talent in this book is no less than stunning.

In the beginning… In a garden called Gethsemane, the first bittersweet tear fell from the cheek of God’s son. Rolling unnoticed into the blades of grass, the teardrop continued outward. Over the son’s sleeping comrades. Down the sloping hillside. Beneath those coming to betray God’s child. Into a brook aptly named “Cedron” meaning sad for centuries the divine droplet flowed with the waves below and the rain above. Always growing in size and shape. Power and passion. Now a strange creation walks among us. Shifting from one form to the next. Wielding a blade made of heaven’s gold. Traveling through the tears of the innocent, God’s little children. Too weak–or ashamed—or afraid to save themselves. No more.

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