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Thrill Seeker Comics Anthology #1

Scott McCullar, Jennifer McCullar

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Thrill Seeker comics is a pulp action and adventure anthology series about a ragtag group of heroes fighting evil in globe-spanning adventures on Earth-24. At the center of these two-fisted tales is the dust bowl era vigilante known as the Yellow Jacket: Man of Mystery who, pursued by Lawmen, is conscripted into the Star-Spangled Squadron to battle Axis powers during the outbreak of World War II. Alongside the Emerald Mantis and other colorful characters, their enduring mission is carried on for over a century by a generation of successors crushing tyranny and protecting their world. New heroes such as the private investigator Ms. Tittenhurst: Finder of Lost Things and the bold bowman Robin Hood also join the adventure.

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