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Ver #1


Haunted by nightmares of his grandfather after his disappearance, Terry tries to get back to a normal life only discover there is no more normal for him or his family.

Jamal Bilal, Crees Hyunsuung Lee, Bryndon D.M Everett, Eduardo Camacho, Tom Chu

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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From floating cities to a mystical forest with many hidden villages in between, the pursuit of power under a flag of righteousness, has divided the world of Ver. Ver is a realm adjacent to Earth where technology and magic go hand in hand. While most people live their day to day lives accepting the rules of the Ver monarchy and that their magical powers are limited by a curse, a group of those in power, led by Pac begin to rebel collecting mystical elements to increase their powers to take control. During this rebellion the world of Ver is changed forever when Terry, a 16-year-old boy from Earth and a descendent of the monarchy, arrives with power rivaling the King. On his journey, Terry teams up with a local warrior Jolee, and Canis, one of his many sculptures that has come to life. Terry is forced to grow up when it is revealed that his grandparents are being held captive. But it’s only when Terry embraces his imagination and childish wonder does he find the power within to save his family, and possibly the kingdom. Ver is a sci-fi fantasy adventure comic. It celebrates characters that choose to live outside the box and illustrates the action packed moments that these choices create. Wrapped tightly with sharp dialogue, Ver is a modern take on “The Never Ending Story”.

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