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Victor Season #3

A small, isolated mountain town with more than its fair share of secrets. For the past two hundred years, every summer, the town serves as a hunting ground for a mountain man by the name of Victor. Nine kills. Enough meat to last the winter. It’s the last week of Victor Season. With eight kills under his belt, the question on everyone’s mind… Who’s next?

Shawn Gabborin, Stephanie Gabborin

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

This Issue: (3 of 6) Tensions flare as Victor Season is one day closer to an end, with one kill still to come. A man armed to the teeth in the hardware store, A conversation with two of the town’s oldest residence in Zeke and Clem, and a great example of parenting in Victory! Couple that with a case of mistaken identity, and the Sheriff is going to have his hands full keeping his town together. Welcome to Victory.

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