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Victor Season #5

Written by Shawn Gabborin lllustrated by Stephanie Gabborin

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

This Issue: (5 of 6) Bert never made it home last night. Was he Victor’s last kill for the season, or was his fate more tragic? The Sheriff has a lead, but can it be true? Meanwhile, a new face has stepped up to lead the flock, and a group of townsfolk set a plan in motion to ensure Victor’s season ends tonight.

Welcome to Victory. A small, isolated mountain town with more than it’s fair share of secrets. For the past 200 years, every summer, the town serves as a hunting ground for a mountain man by the name of Victor. 9 kills. Enough meat to last the winter. It’s the last week of Victor Season. With 8 kills under his belt, the question on everyone’s mind… Who’s next?

Victor Season #5 TM and © Shawn Gabborin. All rights reserved.

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