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Vorpal #3

Now on the run from law enforcement, military and her own people, Vorpal and her unwelcomed companion Jake Goblin must move secretly to a hidden location to figure out their next steps. Meanwhile, the Chancellor continues to tamp down the spurs of revolution happening across the galaxy and a mysterious cult has found its messiah. How do all these things tie together? Vorpal 3, No One Dies of Threats, has all the answers!

Jason Tudor, Diego Albuquerque, Mike Montalvo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Vorpal is the story of a woman losing her future and searching for her past, on a trail that leads the deadly assassin down a road of intrigue, high suspense and adventure. She streaks across the galaxy, where reads are immersed in the discovery and wonder of The Nine Systems. You won’t need the whole seat; only the edge for this blistering, fast-paced comic book series!

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