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Worgard: Viking Berserkir #1


The Dark Ages, A.D. 853. As the Vikings continue their bloody conquest of western Europe, their greatest champion, Worgard, the most fierce and powerful of the berserkir, growing weary of war and senseless slaughter, increasingly tormented by his dark, violent nature and struggling for self-knowledge, now finds himself questioning his once-cherished Norse ideals and traditions, yearning for the freedom to pursue a higher purpose in the world.

Sean Patty

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

To win his independence, Worgard must wage war against his own people. Aided by a beautiful Eurasian archeress, Ranhee, with her feral wolf-dog companion, Kibo, Worgard must challenge the scores of savage Viking warriors commanded by his uncompromising father, Gorm, their chieftain, who is determined to crush this act of rebellion.

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