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Zeron #4

When the Navajo Teen Georgina Arroyo and her father stumble upon a plane crash, little did they know that an elemental force awakened an alien device that was set to destroy the world on which it was unleashed. Drawn to the point of origin, Zeron, Ashley, and Kirby must head off the government and stop this new threat to the world before the device reaches its full potential!

P. Skylar Owens

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

After surviving a Galactic war, Zeron and his people were destined to return to their home planet of Earth, but the changes they went through may make their assimilation difficult. volunteering to recon, Zeron became linked to two inhabitants, Ashley Montgomery, and Kirby Katzenberg, hoping to ease him into Earth life. But enemies acquired during the war have other plans.

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