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Zeron #3

Kirby and Ashley decide to take their alien charge on a vacation on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico, hoping that they would be far away from otherworldly threats. Unfortunately, their plans go awry when the Warlord Tarris Tombor continues his quest of vengeance. And what part does Science officer Bretae Bonderoso play?

P. Skylar Owens, Anias Gurl, Art Werx

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

After surviving a Galactic war, Zeron and his people were destined to return to their home planet of Earth, but the changes they went through may make their assimilation difficult. volunteering to recon, Zeron became linked to two inhabitants, Ashley Montgomery and Kirby Katzenberg, hoping to ease him into Earth life. But enemies acquired during the war have other plans…

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