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Big Bang Adventures #16

Wendell Wilkins’ science experiment at Maryvale High School goes awry and transfers Thunder Girl’s amazing powers to three athletes.

Gary Carlson, Chris Ecker, Jonathan Dhenry, Francisco Menor, Pepe Diaz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Instead of using their new abilities for good, the three jocks run amuck in town, trying to decide which one gets to be the World’s Strongest Girl’s boyfriend. After sorting out that mess, Molly Wilson uses her powers to stop the diabolical River Rat Gang, but things really get out of control when she meets a magical cat in an alley and must face The Curse of the Thunder Kitten! Then, Not So Secret Origins presents the Knight Watchman in Birth of the Greatest Hero. All this plus a gallery of Thunder Girl pinups covering her entire career.

Remember when comics were fun? Big Bang Comics does. Big Bang is a retro series, honoring the creators, styles and characters from the Golden and Silver Ages right up to modern times. Enjoy 80 years of faux comics history in the pages of Big Bang Comics, which began as a mini-series at Caliber Press in 1994, moved to Image Comics for about 50 issues and one-shots, and as a series of annuals from AC Comics.

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