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Big Bang Adventures #7

Presenting the ANOMALIES! Inertia, Flex, Richter and Matt—just who are these previously unknown super powered beings?

Chris Ecker, Ron Charles Williams, Glenn Whitmore, Gary Carlson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Welcome to a brand NEW chapter in the ongoing history of Big Bang Comics.  Follow the origins of the Children of the Meteor and discover what their connection is to the very beginnings of the Big Bang Universe. Where did they come from? Are they friends—or foes? Who do they work for? Why has one of them been kidnapped by a mysterious organization called
T.A.R.O.T.? What is the secret of Element K?

Remember when comics were fun? Big Bang Comics does. Big Bang is a retro series, honoring the creators, styles and characters from the Golden and Silver Ages right up to modern times. Enjoy 80 years of faux comics history in the pages of Big Bang Comics, which began as a mini-series at Caliber Press in 1994, moved to Image Comics for about 50 issues and one-shots, and most recently as a series of annuals from AC Comics.

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1 review for Big Bang Adventures #7

  1. maxtraver (verified owner)

    This issue spotlights a brand new addition to the Big Bang Universe, a team of “misfits and freaks” like the Doom Patrol or the (early-era) X-Men. This team and this story cover a somewhat darker and stranger corner of the setting, but the characters are very closely tied to the origin of one of the BBU’s premier heroes, too. This issue serves as a “pilot” of sorts for the upcoming “Anomalies” ongoing series, and I see a lot of potential for this team and this somewhat different approach to the Big Bang Universe.

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