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Gladiatra vs. Leopard Lass #1

Variant Cover Editions Available

Dan Sehn, Bill Maus, Giuseppe Pica

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Argo 5’s Gladiatra and Sorority of Power’s Leopard Lass mix it up due to a mix-up! This short story preludes a pin-up section featuring a host of comic industry superstars as well as a number of hot newcomers. Pin-Ups include Louis Small Jr., Franchesco!, Jonboy Meyers, Paul Renaud, Carlo Barberi, Kevin Taylor and much much more! Featuring 4 covers: “Ready To Rumble Edition” by Bill Maus, “Gladiatra edition” by Matthew Clark, “Leopard Lass Edition” by Elizabeth Torque and the “Buns of Steel Variant” by Rob Banbury!

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