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2-goal Foley #1

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A story, in both Irish and English languages, of two men reliving their past sporting glories while watching the Championship on TV. The story and accompanying notes read in Irish in one half of the comic book and in English when the book is flipped and read from back to front.

Micheál and Muiris (Michael and Maurice) have been friends since childhood. Both played hurling (one of Ireland’s National sports) for the local GAA club (Gaelic Athletic Association) during their younger days, but alas those days are long gone. Muiris, like many “weekend warriors” has not accepted that and it is left to Micheál to listen to his not so modest commentary on himself and on this year’s hurling championship match, which they are watching on TV from their local pub. As well as the story, the comic includes notes from the author on the Hurling teams featured (Na Piarsaigh and Ahane) as well as information and links to allow the reader to explore the Irish Language and Gaelic games.

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