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Adolescent Radioactive Samurai Platypi # 1

The Spacetroauts Ditko, Kirby, Toth, Eisner and Severin pass through the anomaly. They manage to save their homeworld of Spong but are now trapped on this side of the anomaly, the side that includes the planet earth, where they crash land. after absorbing the playtipi, they meet another sponger, Zahn, who monitored their crash. zahn took on the form of a panda and becomes their mentor and martial arts trainer.

Kevin Given, Melissa Erwin

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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Spacetronauts from another dimension and a planet called Spong have passed through a space anomaly while trying to save their homeworld. spongers are a symbiote race and have to become absorbed into other beings in order to survive. after crash landing in Australia, the only creatures in the area where a group of duck-billed platypus.they had to ditch their host bodies because they were about to die. they entered the platypus” and wandered around until they found a comic book store and, after hooking their universal translators up to the store’s computer, began to learn everything they could about their new home. another sponger, Zhan, monitored their ships crash and offered them safe haven, promising to teach them the ways of the Perodei warriors, whose training is similar to earth’s samurai. and now, a group of unlikely heroes is on the run while only wishing to blend in with the earth’s culture. but fear and ignorance cause the human beings of planet earth to mistrust them.

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