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Alien Science Retro #1

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Alien Science is a tribute to 1950s science fiction, including classic novels, pulp magazines, comic books, and B Movies. Alien Science takes place in a future that looks like the future envisioned in the 1950s and 60s. Every man is broad shouldered and every woman is a Hollywood starlet. The monsters are bug-eyed and the rockets are streamlined and made of silver. When the evil Queen Eris arrives with her Betalunan warriors to invade the planet Earth, Zeus Korby and his loyal crew are tasked with tracking the invaders to their secret base, and saving the world for democracy. Tongue is planted firmly in cheek, as a tribute to all those b movies that were played straight, as well as classics such as War of the Worlds! Tribute is also paid to those great comics of the 50s, Weird Fantasy and Mystery in Space.

The evil Queen Eris invades the planet Earth for nebulous B movie reasons, with the help of her sluggish and brutal alien Betalunan soldiers, and a fleet of flying saucers. Rendering the planet helpless, and destroying an entire city, the evil aliens kidnap several human women, setting their Queen’s devious plan in motion.



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