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American School #4

corey deas

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Sue is our friendly happy go lucky female alien that has kid of a friend to our human. She knows nothing about the truth just rumors regarding our human. She works long hours and has to pay her way threw school. Well she lets off a little steam on our human. He realizes he may be living with them but he does not know what it is like to be like them. So he tries to work and pay his way like sue but it is not so easy. Americans school is about a young rich son of a politician who wants to better at politics then his father. He believes if he can live in and around a diverse group of people he can do better at understanding their political needs. So he secretly goes to a poor school on earth. This school is on the remains of America. Year is far into the future and earth is no longer a jewel in the eye of humanity.

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