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Angel Corps #1

Eric Linquist

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

ANGELCorps (Advanced Neo-Genetic Emergent Lifeforms) For years there has been but one superpowered entity on Earth, a scrappy Brooklyn firefighter known as I-Force. Now, alien star-miners have caused the sun to bombard the planet with unique particles, a solar phenomenon that was named the Neogen Flux as it prompted random Earthlings to start manifesting powerful and dangerous abilities they cannot explain. Dubbed M.E.G.A. Humans (Maximum Evolutionary Genetic Advancement), or MEGAs, apprehensive governments partner up to begin controlled evaluations in the U.N.’s ultra-advanced labs when an unfolding mega-disaster compels the boldest half-dozen of them to work against the clock in order to save millions of lives! Can I-Force and six megahuman newbies stop a suddenly materialized swarm of massive planet-killing asteroids? And what caused them to appear? Can ANGEL Corps learn the answers before the Earth gets destroyed?

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