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Anime Arabian Nights

Jer Alford, Natalie Eckman, James Dawsey, E. Aedo, Rick Butler, Ed Luena, Isabel Marks, Denise Jones, Tim Kreuser, Erin Page, Anna Goodwin

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 24

Anime away with this otaku view on the Arabian Nights. Din is an art school dropout during the ancient days in Arabia, and runs across a feng shui fansubber/dark magician Yen-Sid who employs him to raid an ancient tomb. There, he comes across two genies, Jamie of the Ring, and Jesi of the Milk Bottle. Din uses Jesi’s power to woo himself into the graces of fanboy favorite Princess Pantaloon. But Yen-Sid resurfaces, and Din has to pit the genies against each other in order to keep his newfound booty!

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