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Argo 5 #33

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Have you ever wondered about the blue stones on Blue Dynamo’s bracelets? Well, wonder no more! Alien conspiracies abound as the team takes part in the Hunt for Blue October.

Dan Sehn, Milton Estevam, Dinei Ribeiro, Francisco Zamora

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Argo 5 mixes superheroics with an assortment of genres and a healthy dose of social interaction. This issue”s pin-up section features art from Ron Williams, Leo Gondim, Jake Sumbing, Mago Silva, Louis Small Jr., Marcelo Salaza, and Shelby Robertson. This issue also features the “Midnight Rooftop” cover by Marcelo Salaza and Ricardo Rullo and the “Charge” variant cover by Bruno Lima and Giuseppe Pica.

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