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Argo 5 #38

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After a series of dimensional hops and encounters with a plethora of indie heroes, the big bad is revealed leading to the team unwittingly entering an Age of Heroes!

Dan Sehn, Leo Gondim, Victor Raniery, Francisco Zamora

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Argo 5 mixes superheroics with an assortment of genres and a healthy dose of romance & drama. This issue”s pin-up section features art from Marcio Loerzer, Francesco Gerbino, William Allan Reyes, Carlos Henry, Jardel Cruz, Monte Baldwin and Alexandre Nascimento. This book also features the “Dee Monica” cover by Leo Gondim and Teo Pinhiero and the “”I Love NY” cover by Lipe Diaz and Victor Raniery.

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