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Bad Burrito #5

Burrito and Friends try and save one of their own while facing off against the villainous Royal McDoyle in The JustUs Guys vs The Legion of Dumb. Christmas is coming but do you have the Rocks to Roll with this new Heavy Metal Spandex Santa?

Tracy Stoops, Matt Wilson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 44

What happens when a freezer-burned burrito gets put into a microwave that gets struck by lighting? You get the Bad Burrito born to life and fused with a nasty spirit of vengeance. He has become the self-appointed anti-hero of Cereal City beating up fraudulent food mascots with the help of his friends: Two hot dog cops Frank & Beans and Big Guy. Each book is a series of humorous short stories and skits filled with pop culture references and some potty humor one-liners.

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